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The performance experienced when browsing this website depends for a part on the capabilities of your browser. Modern browsers with support for all the latest standards and equiped with the best performing engines will provide a quicker experience then the older versions. These older versions will remain supported, but may lack some of the functionality exposed by the newer ones.

The latest version of all major browsers feature support for mondern standards and well performing JavaScript engines. Depending on your browser however, you may not be automatically upgraded to the latest version. Chrome and Opera have very efficient updating mechanisms. Internet explorer on the other hand, will not automatically upgrade from for example version 7 or 8 to version 9 even though the latest version is significantly better supported.

The table below gives an indication of the average performance of a browser while browsing tables on the webpage. The first set of results shows how well browsers compare when loading most standard tables, the second set shows them handling very large tables. When a table is considered large the browser will attempt to increase performance by showing the table less accurately: for example headers and columns may not align perfectly. What is a large table also depends on the browser however. A table containing 400 rows may be considered normal by Chrome, but will be considered very large by Internet Explorer 7 and thus be shown less accurately.

The performance of the currently most widely used browser, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is taken as standard performance (100%). Browsers finishing the complete loading of the page faster will get a higher score; those that need more time will get a lower one.

IE7 IE8 IE9 FF 4.0 Chrome 10 Safari 5 Opera 11
Normal tables 57 100 182 151 181 345 408
Very large tables 63 100 199 106 102 183 172
Abbreviations: IE - Internet Explorer ; FF - FireFox

It should be noted that all browsers in the overview above are supported, however functionality may be limited or degraded depending on the browsers performance and support of modern standards.